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09/11/ · Our list of the best forex brokers in Vietnam are: FXCM Alpari XTB 24Option FBS FPMarkets Top Vietnamese forex brokers August Points Used by 1,, 09/05/ · Best Online Brokers for Vietnam IG - /10 Overall Saxo Bank - /10 Overall CMC Markets - /10 Overall Interactive Brokers - /10 Overall TD Ameritrade - /10 Best Forex Brokers and Trading Platforms in Vietnam Only reliable and regulated FX providers (accounts); your funds are protected and segregated Beginner-friendly features: copy trading, BlackBull Markets, Best ECN trading environment, with scalping and hedging. Eightcap, Competitive pricing + excellent daily videos. FXTM /5 in this category In Summary Best all 11 rows · 12/07/ · 1. Consider the Type of Trading Platform A key consideration for traders should be the type of trading platform they are going to carry out their trading endeavors. A ... read more

The spread can broaden or decrease based on trading supply and demand. Limit, Market, Stop, Stop-Limit, Guaranteed Stop-Loss, and Close All orders should all be available through the forex broker.

The days of dealing with an FX broker over the phone are long gone. You should now be aware of which trading platform is appropriate for you and with which you are most at ease. As previously said, the forex market is extremely competitive, with hundreds of brokers competing for new clients by employing innovative marketing strategies and promotions.

Brokerages had to adapt and come up with fresh ideas after deposit bonuses were forbidden by regulators. Depending on your trading style and approach, you should choose a broker that provides you with all of the required tools for free. Now, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

You can trade with forex brokers anywhere you are. Brokers have a variety of trading platforms that provide a variety of financial services, trade education, research, personalised features, and technical indicators. The top forex platforms ensure that investors enjoy a pleasant trading experience. They can provide their clients with additional trading tools that are specifically designed to help them understand volatile currencies.

When you discover a forex broker, you must make educated choices on how to trade and invest using their system. For more accessibility, you can use your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or even your mobile phone. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:.

The platform is used by forex traders of various levels, thus it should be adaptable enough to accommodate newcomers. It should be easy enough for new traders to grasp, with straightforward functionalities that recognise how traders explore a website or a mobile app.

It should, however, be configurable and have options for more sophisticated features that cater to experienced traders.

Online forex brokers typically offer a hotline for consumers who have questions or require assistance in a variety of areas. Many of them offer a live online chat function with a real broker to help clients while they trade.

Most brokers also offer email support, frequently asked questions, and online community forums where traders can discuss their transactions with others. Forex traders should have a positive trading experience. Traders should be able to tell what to do and where to go with a single glance at the platform.

Fortunately, software is increasingly beginner-friendly, intuitive, and simple to use. These are typically presented in the form of frequently asked questions, videos, and lengthy informational essays. Forex brokers typically provide new traders with the opportunity to practise by providing practise accounts. It enables prospective clients to trade currency pairs with simulated money.

Forex brokers should also give economic analysis and in-depth market research to assist traders in identifying short-term profit chances. We are accustomed to comparing pricing before purchasing things or services, so why not do the same while selecting a reputable forex broker? Opening a trading account is more involved than purchasing a chocolate bar, as brokers must verify your identification and evaluate whether leveraged trading is right for you.

It is critical to start your trading career with a good broker. A forex broker is required to trade in the foreign exchange forex market. When it comes to trading currencies, they come in pairs. The base currency is displayed on top, while the quote currency is displayed on the bottom. Each pair also has a price attached to it. If it falls to 1. Traders typically take a position in a specific currency pair, banking on an increase in the currency they are purchasing and, conversely, a decrease in the currency they are selling.

If this occurs, they will make a profit. Although various currency pairs can be traded, the four most popular are the US dollar and the Swiss franc, the US dollar and the Japanese yen, the euro and the US dollar, and the British pound sterling and the US dollar.

As previously said, one of the primary advantages of forex trading is its global market with hour trading. Because it occurs all around the world, people can trade 24 hours a day, five days a week. Currencies are exchanged in major financial centres throughout the world, including New York, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, and Zurich.

A transaction is continually taking place somewhere in the world, and this is a very liquid market. This implies that the trader has a plethora of opportunities. Here are some more reasons why you should try your hand at forex trading:. Without much funds, you can get started in forex trading with the help of a forex broker.

When compared to options and equities, forex trading offers a lower trading cost. The currency market is fairly large. Clients of some forex brokers can trade more than currency pairs. To make trading easier, you can employ automated tools and trade alerts. Because no single business controls the market and forex is not truly owned by anyone, you can trade on a fair playing field.

It is also decentralised, so there is no need for an intermediary. The forex broker merely acts as a middleman in the transaction. If you want to trade in foreign currencies, a competent forex broker can help you get acquainted with the currency and aid you with their trading platform and trading mechanics. Finding the finest forex broker comes down to what you require and your preferred trading style.

The main conclusion is that forex brokers must be trustworthy, regulated, and have a strong track record. Your trades, your money — the ideal broker. To avoid complications later in your trading career, only trade with regulated brokers. To have a pleasant forex trading experience, only trade with good and trustworthy currency providers. What characteristics do I require to trade FX successfully? As you can see from the comparison table, forex brokers offer a variety of free extra features; however, it truly depends on what features you desire.

For example, if you rely on forex trading signals, you should join up with a broker that offers those signals for free. You can also take advantage of a variety of tools such as copy trading, advanced charting, signals, an economic calendar, and many others.

Because there are so many reputable forex companies, determining the top five providers is difficult. The comparison table merely covers trustworthy and reliable forex brokers in Vietnam.

What is the most reputable forex broker in Vietnam? It all depends on your trading style and needs. It all boils down to what you truly desire from your forex account. The brokers on the list above are the most trustworthy, but it is up to the trader to determine which broker to choose.

Best Forex Brokers and Trading Platforms in Vietnam. Only reliable and regulated FX providers accounts ; your funds are protected and segregated. Beginner-friendly features: copy trading, market analysis, signals, chart analysis, and more. Online Forex Broker Comparison — Vietnam. Smart Trader Tools. According to The World Bank, Vietnam had a very high This makes its economy vulnerable to trade disruptions.

The World Bank only ranked Vietnam 69th overall for the ease of doing business in the country, and it had an even poorer rank of rd for resolving insolvencies. The business environment was also rather unfavorable for enforcing contracts, starting a business, and protecting minority investors, with Vietnam only ranking 62nd, th and 89th respectively in those areas.

Traders and businesses will now find Vietnam a much better environment to do business in than at its troubled times in the past, especially those from the United States since they can enjoy a stable currency regime. Nevertheless, most forex traders will probably want to deal with a foreign online broker, if they can find one to accept them as a client, due to local restrictions on retail forex trading by the SBV. When considering the choices for an online broker to trade with from Vietnam, traders should look for one that offers a decent asset class range and has a good reputation with clients.

Having a full-featured trading platform and competent regulation in their local jurisdiction are also important. Finally, any trustworthy broker should keep client margin deposits segregated from its own money in case financial issues arise.

There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities. With respect to margin-based foreign exchange trading, off-exchange derivatives, and cryptocurrencies, there is considerable exposure to risk, including but not limited to, leverage, creditworthiness, limited regulatory protection and market volatility that may substantially affect the price, or liquidity of a currency or related instrument.

It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable, or that they will not result in losses. Learn more. co is committed to the highest ethical standards and reviews services independently. Learn How We Make Money. Home Global Trading.

Published May 09, Last modified August 05, Overall Rating 9. Minimum Initial Deposit £ Trust Score Trust Score is a numerical rating from 1 - 99 that represents a broker's overall trust. Trust Score Low Risk. Saxo Bank. Interactive Brokers. TD Ameritrade. Overall Rating 8.

To help you to find the best international online brokers in Vietnam in , we went ahead and did the research for you. We selected quality online brokers, checked and compared basically every aspect of their services, with a special focus on fees, safety, trading platforms, as well as deposit and withdrawal options.

Service providers had to prove their excellence in multiple areas to be considered among the best online brokers. And now, without further ado What makes a good online broker? Surely, they need to provide great services in all areas, especially in terms of fair fees and safety. Depositing and withdrawing money should be either free or cheap and the process user-friendly. Great trading platforms, an easy account opening procedure and a wide range of products also weighed heavily in the scoring.

These features are easy to list, but hard to figure out. We are testing brokers based on nearly criteria with real accounts and real money. You can find all the ranking criteria in our methodology. For a tailored recommendation, check out our broker finder tool. Answer a few simple questions and get a list of the most relevant brokers.

And now, let's see the best international online broker in Vietnam in one by one, starting with the winner, Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers, one of the biggest US-based discount brokers , was founded in The broker is regulated by several financial authorities globally, including top-tier ones like the UK's Financial Conduct Authority FCA and the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC.

Given that the broker has licenses from multiple top-tier regulators, has a long track record and publicly disclosed financials while being listed on a stock exchange; it all points towards IB being a safe service provider. Interactive Brokers recently launched a new app for global stock trading: read our review of IBKR GlobalTrader. In addition, Interactive Brokers also has an app you can use for ESG investing: read our review of IMPACT by Interactive Brokers.

Recommended for traders looking for broad market access and a professional trading environment. Visit broker. All commissions, spreads and financing rates if applicable for opening a position, holding for a week, and closing.

Visit broker More. Saxo Bank, a Danish investment bank founded in , provides online trading and investment services. The company is regulated by several financial authorities globally, including the Danish Financial Services Agency FSA and the UK's Financial Conduct Authority FCA. Saxo Bank is a global service provider and as such it operates a number of separate legal entities in different regions of the world.

The services offered by the various entities may differ slightly, especially with respect to fees and product portfolios. In this review, we tested Saxo Markets UK. Being regulated by top-tier financial authorities, having a long track record and a banking background are all good signs for Saxo Bank's safety. HEADS UP: Recent issues with account opening — Saxo Bank seems to have a delay in sending you a crucial URL needed to start your account opening.

For more info, see Saxo Bank account opening issues in the review's 'Account opening' chapter. Don't want to wait to open an account? Check out some Saxo Bank alternatives. Recommended for investors and traders looking for a great trading platform and solid research. Take your time and compare at your own pace. Sign up to receive bite-sized emails on specific account opening processes, fee calculation, brokerage comparison and more.

XTB is a global CFD broker with headquarters in London and Warsaw, founded in The company is regulated by several financial authorities worldwide, including the top-tier UK Financial Conduct Authority FCA. In addition, XTB is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and as such is required to regularly disclose its financials. XTB is considered safe because it has a long track record, is listed on a stock exchange and publishes its financial statements transparently.

HEADS UP: Recent feedback about deposit and withdrawal — The details of depositing by wire transfer might be unclear for some of our users according to recent feedback we received. If you have problems, head to the 'Deposit and withdrawal' section of the review, where we explain how to make a free wire deposit to your XTB account under the section's 'Deposit and fees and options' heading.

Disclaimer: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. com is a global CFD broker founded in It has offices located in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Australia, Seychelles and Gibraltar, where each is authorized and regulated locally by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA , the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC , the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ASIC and the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles FSA , respectively.

Recommended for investors and cfd traders looking for a great trading platform and excellent customer service. Visit broker Visit broker More Oanda is a US-based forex broker founded in It is a private company and therefore not listed on any stock exchange. Oanda operates via several entities worldwide and is regulated by top-tier authorities, such as the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission, the National Futures Association CFTC and the UK's Financial Conduct Authority FCA. The services offered by Oanda's various entities differ slightly.

In this review, we mainly focus on the UK one. Recommended for forex traders who value a user-friendly platform and great research tools. Now that you know the top 5, you probably want to know how we came up with this list.

Let's go through a few points quickly. You can be sure none of them is a scam. They are all regulated by at least one top-tier regulator. At BrokerChooser, we test online brokers based on more than criteria, with real accounts and real money. We don't want to overwhelm you, so we will list only the top 5 criteria. These were the details, now let's zoom out. Here are the best international online brokers in for residents in Vietnam:. Interactive Brokers is our winner , the best international online broker in Vietnam in Low trading fees.

Wide range of products. Many great research tools. Still unsure? For a tailored recommendation , check out our broker finder tool. If you enter the name of your country, it will show only the brokers that are relevant to you. Want more details? Compare brokers with the help of this detailed comparison table. Everything you find on BrokerChooser is based on reliable data and unbiased information.

Read more about our methodology. Toggle navigation Menu Close. Compare brokers. Compare Broker tool. Compare selected brokers by their fees, minimum deposit, withdrawal, account opening and other areas. Filter according to broker or product type, including stocks, futures, CFDs or crypto.

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Fees, minimum deposit requirements, withdrawal, account opening, research tools and more. We use over 50, data points and a consistent, fact-based methodology.

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10 Best Forex Brokers in Vietnam,Is Forex Trading Legal in Vietnam?

BlackBull Markets, Best ECN trading environment, with scalping and hedging. Eightcap, Competitive pricing + excellent daily videos. FXTM /5 in this category In Summary Best all Best Forex Brokers and Trading Platforms in Vietnam Only reliable and regulated FX providers (accounts); your funds are protected and segregated Beginner-friendly features: copy trading, 31/08/ · Online Forex trading is not strictly legal in Vietnam and so Vietnam brokers will be in difficult positions compared to brokers in other Asian countries in offering this service. If we 71 rows · Best Forex brokers accepting traders in Vietnam in | Mr Forex VN Forex brokers in Vietnam Here you can find a list of the best global Forex brokers online accepting traders in 09/11/ · Our list of the best forex brokers in Vietnam are: FXCM Alpari XTB 24Option FBS FPMarkets Top Vietnamese forex brokers August Points Used by 1,, Interactive Brokers is the best international online brokers in Vietnam in Low trading fees. Wide range of products. Many great research tools. Saxo Bank takes second place. Great ... read more

Exness 2. Many of them offer a live online chat function with a real broker to help clients while they trade. Easy Markets. Each currency pair has a "base" currency and a "counter" currency. An appropriate financial authority should authorise and regulate your forex broker and, eventually, your trading account in this instance. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads.

You stand to lose your deposit, but also the client protections that come with such strict regulations. Instead, they base their charges on what is known as spreads. Indices Chart Stock Chart Forex Charts Cryptocurrency Chart ICO Calendar Menu. Open a Real Account. Click here to visit FreshForex ».